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District's Specific Profile

Bharuch district having an area of 5253 kilometers is located between 21.24 – 22 latitude and 72-73.15 longitude. In districts to the north there is Vadodara district, in south Surat district, east Narmada district and in west sea shore (gulf of khambhat) are located. In Bharuch district (1) Ankleshwar (2) Bharuch (3) Jambusar (4) Vagra, (5) Aamod (6) Hansot (7) Zhagadia (8) Valia. 8 talukas are included. In 8 talukas totally 657 villages are there. In this district (1) Jambusar Nagarpalika (Municipality) (2) Bharuch Nagarpalika (Municipality) (3) Aamod Nagarpalica (Municipality) are located. As per population survey of 2001 Opalej’s urban area, (2) Andada urban area and (3) panoli, G.I.D.C. were declared as industrially notified areas. In district there are totally 543 panchayats among which 76 are group gram panchayats.
Population Total 1370656 Male 713676 Female 656980
Literacy Percentage 74.4 Male 83. Female 65.1
Geographical K.M. 21-24 to 22 Degree longitude 72-00 to 73.15
Railway Degree of latitude 118      
Roads Statues dormant 136.28 Panchayat roads 238  
Rivers Narmada, Dhadhar, Kim, Kaveri
Mountains Sarsa, Kkudia Dungar
Rain 900 k.m.
Weather Hot and dry
Crop Cotton, sugarcane, tuwar, wheat, jowar
Animals Cow, buffalo, bullocks, dog, goat
Clothing Male : dhoti kurta, Punjabi sarwar, pant shirt, Female : saree, Punjabi dress
Minerals Lignite, silca, cand glass stone
  Geogra phical area 5.24.683 Hectare
  Field under agriculture 3.30.302 Hectare
  Area under irrigation 1.09.777 Hectare
Sea production Salt, fishery
Industry Small scale industry 12857 Large scale industry 647

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