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Preauditing bills of expenditure of Rs.40,000 and more, excluding salary and allowance, submitted by various branches of district panchayat.
Preauditing bills of expenditure of Rs.15,000 and more, excluding salary and allowances, submitted by taluka panchayat.
If required, physical ventilation in offices of district panchayat and taluka panchayat.
Prenticing bills of expenditure submitted by district and taluka panchayat.
Giving opinion/guidance regarding financial sanction or accounting of various branches of district panchayat.
Doing periodic origination of offices under district panchayat and giving suggestions to remove loopholes observed.
Vigilance on getting various account registers maintained as per rules in subordinate officers.
Vigilance on getting annual budgets of taluka panchayat submitted to appropriate, competent officer in time and with details.
Vigilance on getting amount accrued from government activates entered to panchayats accounts in time and approximately adjusted.
Vigilance on getting grant consumption certificate dispatched to grant monitoring officer.
On being informed about beginning of audit by local fund A.G, Monitoring regarding prior preparation of audit by getting concerned branches made available required record.
Examining case of pension and group insurance of employees, retired and about to retire.
Examining salary allowances and other claims of taluka health cells of P.H.C.

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