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Family Welfare Branch

During 2005-06 services of family welfare programme were provided to the most remote village of district by 37 PHC and 4 VHC. Female health workers, multi propose workers (male), health supervisors (male/female), block I.E.C.O, trained midvives, anganwadi workers have been active in this programme for intensive campaigan and implementation of family welfare.
During 2005-06, following PHCS were active in bharuch district.
Sr. No.  Taluka Name of Primary Health Center
1 Bharuch Haldar, Palej, Navetha, Zanor, Shukaltirth, Derol
2 Ankleshwar Sajod, Mandva, Jitali, Kharod, Sisodara
3 Hansot Kudadara, Ilav
4 Vagara Pakhajan, Keshvan, Dahej
5 Aamod Matar, Samni, Aachod
6 Jambusar Kora, Gajera, Kavi, Tankari, Chidra
7 Zaghadiya Moriyana, Bhalod, Panetha, Avidha, Dharoli, Jespore, Govali
8 Valiya Daheli, Gundiya, Chasvad, Thava, Netrang, Kara
Moreover, family welfare services were provided in urban areas by Unkleshwar urban, jambusar urban units and P.P. unit bharuch civil.
Formerly targets of family welfare programme were allotted on the basis of population. Government has modified it and now work weight age is divided by direction and guidance mentioned in the work manual of community needs assessment programme (C.N.A.A) which was also know as target free approach, prepared by central of health and family welfare. Work weight age of family welfare programme is decided by the following requirements.
At village level and sub center level requirement of rural public is considered. It is also considered that this is family welfare programme with participation of citizens.
Weight age is decided by requirement at local level and local situation and age-based population and requirement of couples.
Thus, new approach of reproduction and child health programme is envisaged in family welfare programme. From the moment newly married maid becomes pregnant they are given care and treatment. Thus, every aspect like secure motherhood, child health, family welfare and reproductive education and services, diseases spread by sexual relation and problems of reproductive system, treatment of infertility, family palling, etc. and nesses at village level are educated by health employees.
Work weight age of 10700 cases of vasectomy was decided for bharuch district for the year of 2-5-06 against which 68 percent achievement was accomplished by completing 7282 cases by collective efforts of the district
In the domain of hook, district accomplished 70% achievement by completing 9548 cases against 13700 work weightage. In the domain of condom 92% achievement has been accomplished
Sr. No. Name of Service Annual Weightage Annual Achievement Percentage
1 Operation 1૦7૦૦ 7282 68
2 Copper T 137૦૦ 9544 7૦
3 Condom 29૦૦૦ 26818 92
4 Oral Pills 42૦૦ 3856 92
Honourasle district development officer and honourasle collector have also provided guidance to complete work weightage in the field of vasectomy.