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Ayurveda branch

State government run ayurvedic dispensary, district ayyrvedic dispensary and office of district ayurved officer have been, now, entrusted to district pancyat. Following is the detail :
No Details of Dispensaries Class of Dispensaries Total
1 Government Ayurvedic Dispensaries 2 6
2 Ayurvedic Dispensaries run by Jilla Panchayat 2 9
3 Homeopathic Dispensaries run by Jilla Panchayat 3 3
4 Government Homeopathic Dispensaries 3 5
Total 23
During year 2005-06 above mentioned offices and agonies are working under this branch.
Total 10 ayurved/homeo diagnosis treatment centers have been organized, where 3034 patients have been befitted.
During the year in ayurved and homeo dispensaries 54050 patients were treated. During gram pushay nakshatra children were given drops of survarupras by ayurved dispensaries, where total 5608 kids were benefited
No Aryudvedic Dispensaries Place Taluka
1 Government Ayurvedic Clinics 1. Bhesli Vagra
ર. Malpur Jambusar
3. Kavitha Bharuch
4. Amleshvar Bharuch
5. Dariya Jagadiya
6. Katpor Fasot
2 Ayurvedic Dispensaries run by Jilla Panchayat 1. Pakhajan Vagra
2. Devla Jambusar
3. Diva(Juna) Ankleshwar
4. Kudadra Fasot
5. Luna Valiya
6. Chikhli Valiya
7. Galiba Jagadiya
8. Velugam Jagadiya
9. Aasa Jagadiya
3 Homeopathic Dispensaries run by Jilla Panchayat 1. Nabipur Bharuch
2. Parieaj Bharuch
3. Kareli Jambusar
4 Government Homeopathic Clinics 1. Janor Bharuch
2. Gajera Jambusar
3. Vagra Vagra
4. Sisodar Ankleshwar
5. Dharoli Jagadiya